+++ New show confirmation +++

Confirmed for another Deathkultish mission on this years edition of the glorious Braincrusher in Hell indoor Festival. We will gear up on Friday 26th of November, so let's cross the fingers that this event can rise for chaos as planed! HAIL THE DEATHKULT!


Continental Concerts & Management GmbH

New Show for 2022 Confirmed!


☠️  Death Metal Birthday VIII ☠️

Returning to the great Hypothalamus club in Rheine for a new Deathkult hellride in 2022.
Nice club, killer billing... DEATH METAL turns you on, so mark the date in your calendar☠️⚰️☠️


Facebook Page

+++ Phlebotomy - Blood Dripping Healing +++
Got a small restock of the classical PHLEBOTOMY design back from 2014. Originally done by Polish artist Rafał Kruszyk. The shirt is done officially in co - operation with SELFMADEGOD RECORDS.
Brand: FRUIT OF THE LOOM - Valueweight
DARK grey shirt with BLACK print on - looking super classy!
Only a handful copies in M, L, XL and one in XXL added to our shop.



Here you can find some absolutely stunning live pictures from our show at PARTY SAN HERBSTOFFENSIVE II this past weekend. Photos are executed in a deadly way by dear Eva Nagler Photography. 



- New BASS PLAYER announcement -

Fresh blood for the Kult of Death! Dear supporters please welcome Jonasson on bass as our new full member of the Deathkult clan. Highly thrilled, well rehearsed and ready to hit the road with us for his first battle at Party.San Herbstoffensive II in Weimar (Germany) this Friday.

Here’s the statement of Jonasson:

“....Greetings my fellow headbangers and lovers of the brutal art named death metal,

I'm super grateful und pleased to announce my participation in REVEL IN FLESH and only have the BEST WISHES for Sebastian and his future. The torch will be carried on and I'm ready to unleash hell on the stages of the world.

Much love, peace and pools of blood....”

Enough said, let’s open this new chapter in the REVEL IN FLESH lockbook - NOW!!!

💀 New show confirmed 💀
Teaming up with Kusch-Concerts for a gig in Halle on 30th of October. Exactly uprising for the Kult of Death in the night before Halloween 💀💣💀
Save the date and make sure to show support 👍
#deathmetal #deathmetalband #cudgel #metal

Facebook Page

The times they are a changing! After nearly 10 years of trustful and dedicated commitment our dear comrade and bassplayer Gøtzberg aka Sebastian will leave REVEL IN FLESH.
Read here Sebastian in his own words:
“...It has changed a lot in the last few months in my life. Many things require more attention than before. I can’t give Revel In Flesh the time it deserves anymore.
This is the reason why I decided to leave REVEL IN FLESH after 10 years.
There were 10 unforgettable years in which I was able to experience a lot, meet new people an make new friends.
I would like to thank each and everyone of you, especially Ralf, Fabi, Magge and Hen!
I will continue to support REVEL IN FLESH from the background wherever I can.
I hope to see all of you in front of stage with a beer in our hand!
Thank you – really!!! “
From our point each change brings in new challenges but as well new chances! Most of all we as REVEL IN FLESH wanna thank Sebastian for the good times, unforgetable moments and most of all for being a cool and supportive dude for the band in good and bad times. Outstanding people often don’t know how much work such a band causes behind the sceneries and Sebastian absolutely did a killer tour of duty for the Deathkult!!! GOOD LUCK for all your future obligations!!!
Sebastian will play his last live show with REVEL IN FLESH on 25th of September in Göttingen (Germany).
Last but not least the good news are that we already have a full replacement! A real "bad boy" for new missions to come! Expect a proper annoucement next week!!!

Here's a short update on the actual line-up for next years edition of mighty Party San Open Air!!!
Check it out!

☠️ Live shows in September ☠️
Got these two major deathkultish celebrations coming up this month! Absolutely thrilled to hit the stage☠️✌️☠️
Who is coming up?

We are confirmed for PARTY SAN HERBSTOFFENSIVE II on the 24th of september 2021.

Proud to be part of this killer billinng!

The festival tickets are strictly limited, so don't waste any time and place your order HERE

We are glad to announce the we've got the chance to join corona special edition of Baden In Blut Metal Open Air  on 24th of July.

Definitely a kick ass billing and a goof opportunity to hit the stage again!



More information regarding the event, ticket etc please check here

The wait ist over:

The DEATHKULT returns to the live stage!


After months of lockdown farting it's time to get our gear together and keep things moving forward again.

Glad for all locals in southern germany we will be part of the 25th anniversary celebration week of Hexenhaus Ulm 

For more infos regarding the event check the FB-event



Here's the videoclip for our brandnew song "The Ascension" taken from the "Deathbound" split 7"EP with GRACELESS from the Netherlands


Hail The Deathkult!!


Get one of the last remaining black vinyl copies from the store of CUDGEL



The "Deathbound" Split 7"EP with furious Death Metal machine GRACELESS from the Netherlands.

Limited to 500 copies on orange, white & black vinyl.

Exclusive and unreleased songmaterial of both bands.

Artwork by RIDDICK ART

The relase is suupported with new merchandise available from our webstore or through the labels mailorder CUDGEL.

A lyric video for our song contribution "The Ascension" will be unveilied soon.

Stay stuned!

My Trial (official video - guitar & drum playthrough)


"My Trial" is taken from the album "The Hour Of The Avenger", released on December 6th 2019 via WAR ANTHEM RECORDS.


Youtube Link

*** One Night Over The Abyss Pt. 3 Stuttgart Show verschoben ***

Leider soll es nicht sein!!!
Aufgrund der aktuellen Hygieneauflagen ist eine erfolgreiche Durchführung des ONE NIGHT OVER THE ABYSS Festivals in Stuttgart im September nicht möglich.
Das komplette Event wandert terminlich jetzt auf den 20.02.2021.
Wir danken Paula von Arkham Circle für das bisherige Kämpfen für den Gig - Weitermachen, denn Aufgeben steht nicht auf der Agenda

In dem Sinne: Safe the date!!!

***Bandspecial: Revel in Flesh***

Am morgigen Dienstag, den 21.07.2020 könnt Ihr bei hart&direkt mal wieder einem interessanten Bandspecial beiwohnen. Diesmal stehen die melodischen Todesmetaller von REVEL IN FLESH ganz im Mittelpunkt des Metalmagazins. Auch wenn ihre aktuelle überragende fünfte Langrille "The Hour Of The Avenger" bereits schon wieder einige Monate auf dem Buckel hat, griff man dennoch ganz altmodisch zum Telefonhörer und nahm den sympathischen Sänger und Bandsprachrohr der Old School-Truppe Ralf Haubersson genauer unter die Lupe.
Dabei erfuhren wir nicht nur, wie herausfordernd die Tätigkeit mit Menschen im Allgemeinen ist oder wie wichtig ihm der Prozess ist, sich intensiv mit Musik zu beschäftigen, sondern wir sprachen auch über die heutzutage übersättigte Szene und wie schwer es dabei ist dem bandeigenen Erwartungsdruck gerecht zu werden.
Dazu stets präsent: die visuelle Seite der Combo in Form des so genannten Todeskultes. Der "Deathkult" ist bei den Schwaben nämlich geradezu omnipräsent und sorgt einmal mehr für ein stimmiges Gesamtbild der Musik von REVEL IN FLESH.
Lasst Euch daher morgen, fern ab der Realität, in die Welt von REVEL IN FLESH mitnehmen und schaltet ab 21:00Uhr auf Radio Okerwelle. Wählt entweder den Livestream (https://okerwelle.de/livestream/) oder stellt im Raum Braunschweig ganz "old-school-like" das terrestrische Radio auf die Frequenz 104,6MHz ein. Ihr werdet begeistert sein! "Hail The Deathkult"!!

*** Live in München am 1. August 2020 ***

- English version below -

REVEL IN FLESH spielen am am 1.August 2020 im Backstage München als Teil der "Abstandskonzert" Serie.

Die Ticketanzahl ist aktuell auf 100 Plätze limitiert.
Weitere Informationen zu den Auflagen findet Ihr in der Event Beschreibung.

Mit dabei sind die Münchener Ars Irae.

Für uns ist es wichtig hiermit auch ein Zeichen zu setzen, dass es trotz der vergangenen Wochen im Ausnahmezustand WEITERGEHEN (!!!) wird und WEITERGEHEN (!!!) muss.

Wir freuen uns auf die Show!

In dem Sinne: Teilen & Supporten - DEATHBLOW AWAITS!!!


English version:

On 1rst of August 2020 we will perform a special live show in Munich (Germany) according to the current possible rules and regulations of the ongoing pandemic.

It's all about showing that the METAL scene will strike back

Share & support - DEATHBLOW AWAITS!!!


*** Irland Show Postponed ***

...and the list of postponed shows continues

Due to the current covid 19 crisis the only way to go safe is to postpone the complete event to a NEW and SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED date in 2021.
We are already working on possible plans and options and we truely wanna thank Legion of Wolves and Axial Symmetry for their great dedication to bring REVEL IN FLESH over to some green Island madness!

Keep in mind: Next year can only be better Stay safe!!!



As most of you are already aware of:

Our dear comrades at Germany's premium extreme Metal festival Party.San Metal Open Air had to postpone their glorious event as well to 2021.

We wanna let you know there is no rest for the wicked and we're damned proud to be a part of this kick ass billing in 2021

Furthermore we wanna say big thank you to the festival crew who works hard to keep the bomb rolling - respect!!!

Safe the date & show support


*** Protzen Open Air 2020 postponed ***

Due to the current situation our friends and organizers in PROTZEN Open Air are forced to postpone the complete event.
We wanna thank Andrea & Mario for all their good work to the scene with that festival and we make sure to safe the date 18.-20.06.2021 for a new mission - STAY STRONG!!!

Covid 19 - you're a damned bastard!!! But let's have a revenge ride in 2021

*** Collector Item ***

For all the patch fanatics out there:

We will do this perfectly shaped "The hour of the avenger" patch, which will end up in the rankings of hard to get REVEL IN FLESH collector items.
The WOVEN (!) patch will be done in co - operation with Pull The Plug Patches and according to their principles:

- Limited to 50 copies worldwide
- No repress of the same product

We will get a fair share and keep you updated here.

Due to the "Covid 19" crisis (This term already sucks extremely!!!) the production and delivery process to our camp will be hard to schedule.

As soon as we have our copies on stock we will leave a picture & message here - NO RESERVATION!!!!

*** Sworn to the BLOOD OATH ***

- Read Carefully -

We are damned proud to present you 2 new merchandise articles.

First of all the amazing NEW "Blood Oath" design, which was done in co - operation with TOO MANY SKULLS (by Raf The Might), who already worked with an amazing reference of artists like Mastodon, Heaven Shall Burn, Kreator, mighty (!!!) Slayer, Kreator, Dimmu Borgir etc.!
The shirt was done together with Karol of SELFMADEGOD RECORDS. Thanx bro This means a lot to us!

We've been always about trying out new artists and keeping the visual look of REVEL IN FLESH growing and expanding.

The shirt is printed on GILDAN HEAVY COTTON - Front Print Only.
Available sizes: XXL, XL, L, M and SMALL.

Furthermore we've did a heavily requested new edition of the REVEL IN FLESH bandlogo METAL PIN in co-operation with our dear label War-Anthem Records.

Size: 7 x 4 cm

We only have a small amount copies on stock from all products!!!

IMPORTANT: - Read carecully -

Due to the Covid 19 crisis and lockdown of certain countries and hotspots we've closed down the shop.

The ONLY possible option to get THESE ITEMS is by DROPING US A MESSAGE!!!

Please leave a note where you come from, so that we can check the delivering possibilities and full price including postage.

The times currently are absolutely OUT OF HAND, but we try to do our best to keep the bomb rolling.

Thanx for your support & stay positive & most of all SAFE!!!

German version:

Aufgrund der Covid 19 Krise haben wir unseren Webshop herunter geschalten, weil u.a. aktuell auch nicht alle Länder beliefert werden können.

Bestellungen sind aktuell gerade nur möglich, wenn Ihr uns eine Nachricht schickt.

Das neue "Blood Oath" T-Shirt Design (Gildan Heavy Cotton, XXL, XL, L, M und S / nur Frontprint) sowie auch der neue Metal Logo Pin (7 x 4 cm) sind ab sofort erhältlich.

Bei Interesse NACHRICHT schicken!!!

Danke für den Support & bleibt gesund!



Think positive! This Covid 19 pandemic reign will also end hopefully sooner (!) than later and we are absolutely looking forward to this event in Dresden in November!!!

Very glad to return to the glorious halls of Skullcrusher Heavy Metal Dresden e.V. after more than 5 years since our last show there.


The billing speaks for itself, so mark it in your calendar for better days to come Hope dies last!!!


We will have another nice goodie announcement coming today as well - stay tuned!!!


Facebook Event

☠️☠️☠️ NEW Revel in flesh Bandlogo Sweat Pants ☠️☠️☠️


Resist the virus and stay at home in the comfortable way by getting one of our new bandlogo sweat pants.

Brand: Fruit of the loom



SIZES: XXL, XL, L, M or Small.

In case of interest simply DROP A MESSAGE and let us know your country to calculate full price including postage.

Some countries are currently in a "locked down" state, so we need to check the delivery options as well.

This cool project was done in cooperation with SELFMADEGOD RECORDS.

☠️😭☠️ Pitfest 2020 postponed ☠️😭☠️

As expected the virus situation will also affect our shows scheduled for May 2020.
The complete Pitfest event got postponed to next year.
To see things for real: safety comes first and most of all we need a way out of that crisis!
We wanna thank Maik and the complete Pitfest crew for all their good work thus far. Glad that you keep the fest alive!



Samstag, 20.Juni 2020

Nach 3 Jahren werden wir endlich wieder in Leipzig spielen, genauer gesagt auf der Party.San Metal Open Air WARM UP Show der Metalheadz (Veranstaltungen ).
Mit im Package sind unsere niederländischen DEATH METAL Weggefährten von Graceless, welche soeben ein klasse zweites Album veröffentlicht haben - unbedingt anchecken! Nicht zu vergessen auch der lokale Support Bloody Vengeance.



THE DEATHBLOW Longsleeve design just added to our webshop.


Brand: GILDAN ULTRA COTTON - heavy as f**k
Available sizes: XXL, XL, L, M & S


Artwork & design by Dedy Badic Art
Print: East-Merch


Get it here: Shop


The actual plan was to unveil this one for our March gig, but due to the current circumstances we do it this way!


We have a real "deathblow" currently to the whole live music / concert scenery, so make sure to support the bands you like in buying directyl from them and most of all:




Neue Headlinershow Bestätigt:


One Night Over The Abyss 3

Samstag, 12.09.2020

Zentrum Zinsholz

73760 Ostfildern


Infos unter: https://www.facebook.com/events/1017972551883101/

Auftritt 21.3. 2020 wird wegen der Gefahr von Corona Virus abgesagt

Es liegt nicht in unserer Hand, aber aufgrund der Auflagen und Vorsichtsmaßnahmen des Landkreises in Bezug auf die "Corona Virus Gefahr" sind die Veranstalter des Death Sentences dazu gezwungen unsere Show am 21.3 abzusagen!
Wir arbeiten an einem Nachholtermin für Herbst/Winter!
The deathkult rages on!

English version:

Our show at Death Sentences got canceled due to authority and regulation matters because of the Corona Virus. It's out of our hand, so literally spoken the "emissary of all plagues" has to stay at home!
We will reschedule the show with the organizers for autumn/winter👍
The deathkult rages on!



Onwards to a wicked mission:

In June REVEL IN FLESH will play an exclusive one off show in Dublin, Ireland!!!
Absolutely thrilled to conquer this new territory under the banner of the Deathkult.
We will gear up in good comradeship with Legion of Wolves and Axial Symmetry for this live experience on the green island!!!


For more infos: Facebook Event

+++ *** Neuer Gig bestätigt *** +++

Lange haben wir darüber gesprochen und nun machen wir die Sache klar:
REVEL IN FLESH spielen auf der DEATH SENTENCES Konzerreihe!!!
Am 21. März gibt es zusammen mit Nightbearer und Evoked eine amtliche Death Metal Huldigung.

2020: Erste Show im neuen Jahr!!!

"The hour of the avenger" wird 2020 ordentlichst auf den Bühnen zelebriert und den ersten halt machen wir auf der Death Metal Night - JuZe KF in Kaufbeuren am 18. Januar 2020.
Erste Bayern Show mit dem neuen Album!!!
Volles REVEL IN FLESH Headliner Set und im Gepäck sind u.a. unsere Weggefährten von Casket und natürlich Disgusting Perversion.

Kleiner Insider:
Das Juze liegt in der HAUBERrisser Strasse - ist also schon vom Namen her prädestiniert für einen Besuch des Deathkultes

Alle Infos zur Show hier:


Officially released TODAY on War-Anthem Records:


The 5th REVEL IN FLESH album "The hour of the avenger"!!!


It has been close to a year full of work behind the scenery of this album release! A lot of blood, sweat and deadly dedication!

We simply wanna thank all the great supporters who pushed the limits with this new release, especially our label War-Anthem Records, our coverartist Juanjo Castellano Rosado, our sound wizard Dan Swanö at Unisound AB, SURE SHOT WORX Promotion and of course all the "die hard" followers for this amazing back up!!!

It's time to roll out the big guns:
REVEL IN FLESH are confirmed for the 2020 edition of Party.San Metal Open Air 2020.
Damned it's a honor to us to bring back the Deathkult to our favorite festival!!! Rock out dudes....we surely will !!!


All infos regarding the event, tickets etc. can be found here:



Sworn to the "BLOOD OATH"!!!

First NEW song of our 5th album "The hour of the avenger" just hit the lights!!!

The race is on:
Check it out: Leave a comment & feel free to share!!!
Get a beer & have a kick ass rush into the weekend


Eintrittskarten für die REVEL IN FLESH Album Release Show am 7.12. im Rock It Aalen sind ab sofort hier in unserem Webshop erhältlich:


Wichtige Info:

Vorverkauf: 13 Euro

Besteller erhalten als Bestätigung eine E-Mail mit Anzahl der Eintrittskarten und Namen.
Diese bitte ausgedruckt oder auf Handy am Konzertabend mitbringen.

Bei der Vorlage gibt es dann diese amtliche Eintrittskarte, welche Sammlerherzen höher schlagen lässt!!!

Die Karten sind limitiert auf 250 Stück

In dem Sinne:
Nicht zögern - The hour of the avenger draws near!!!

Supported by:

Hammer Booking & Promotion
War-Anthem Records
Neckbreaker Records

Today we finally unveil the coverartwork and tracklist for our upcoming 5th full length album which is scheduled for a December 2019 release on our new label partner War-Anthem Records (CD, LP and TAPE format).

The stunning artwork for "The hour of the avenger" was created once more by our long - time Spanish wizard of art and comrade Juanjo Castellano Rosado.

"We are absolutely blessed to have a truley dedicated artist by our side who deeply reflects and represents the visions of our Deathkultish underworld empire! Thanx a lot to Juanjo Castellano Rosado for this detailed and majestic red piece of madness!"
(Haubersson & REVEL IN FLESH)


Our new album was mixed and mastered in August 2019 at Unisound AB by the one and only Dan Swanö.










Last but not least here we have the final tracklist of "The hour of the avenger":

1. The Hour Of The Avenger
2. My Trial
3. Blood Oath
4. The Nihilistic Nothingness
5. Sky Burial
6. Deathblow
7. Pervitin Speed Kill
8. The Wayfarer
9. Skull Sacrifice
10. The Nightbreed
11. Rock Out (Motörhead Cover)


Enjoy the artwork & stay tuned for a first video soon to be released!!!

The DEATHKULT will return to Siegen this November!!!

Our dear comrades in Siegener Metaller Geballer have set up this promising package to bring you a night totally dedicated to the Metal ov Death!!!

See all infos for the event here:

Here's the final flyer for the release show of our 5th full length album "The hour of the avenger".
This deathkultish celebration will take place at Rock It Aalen on the 7th of December 2019. Mark it in your calendar!!!
Infos on ticket pre-sales will follow very soon.

The show is presented by Hell-is-open.de, Hammer Booking & Promotion and our dear label partner War-Anthem Records.

To fulfill the curse the evening will be supported by two damned promising acts of the rising German DEATH METAL underground:
Slaughterday from FDA Records.
Demored from Neckbreaker Records.

More infos here:

Finally returning to Munich in 2020!!!
REVEL IN FLESH just got confirmed to the very first edition of Munich's Growl Bowl Festival!!!
More bands will be added soon...of course you can expect nothing more than a kick ass DEATH METAL happening!!!

More infos here:

Time to break some bones for the Deathkult TODAY!!!

Catch us live at Bonebreaker Festival TODAY
Stagetime: 20:15
Prime - time for some raging Deathkult!!!
Be there, drink beer & let the METAL flow....

Servants of the Deathkult - BEWARE!!!


Am Samstag 7. Dezember 2019 werden wir exklusiv im Rock It Aalen die Release Show des fünften REVEL IN FLESH Albums "The hour of the avenger" zelebrieren!!!


Aus diesem Anlass holen wir mit Slaughterday und Demored zwei wahre Perlen der deutschen Underground Death Metal Szene erstmals nach Baden-Württemberg!!!

Alle Infos im Event!


English version:

On the 7th of december 2019 it will be a night to dismember:
It will mark the release show of the fifth REVEL IN FLESH album "The hour of the avenger".
It's gonna be an exclusive release show supported by two promising German Old School Death Metal heavyweights Slaughterday and Demored.
Servants of the Deathkult: GATHER!!!

All infos here:

Facebook Event

REVEL IN FLESH signs with WAR ANTHEM Records from Germany.
Here's the label's comment:
"We're proud to announce that the german death metal monster Revel in Flesh joined our ranks!

The band just signed with the label and is currently in the studio to record their 5th album, which is scheduled to be released in December 2019.
We are very much looking forward to work with this outstanding band which is definitely a hard working metal machine - HAIL THE DEATHKULT!"











Photo by Eva Nagler Photography

This weekend:
REVEL IN FLESH roadtrip to Slovakia!!!
Bringing the Deathkult to Gothoom open air fest.
We are absolutely looking forward to the festival, beer & madness...what a kick ass festival billing by the way C U!!!

This weekend REVEL IN FLESH  live on stage again!


South Germany:  27/4/2019

REVEL IN FLESH live in Neckargemünd!!!

All infos here:

Facebook Event

REVEL IN FLESH will team up for a brandnew Split 7"EP with US based Doom/Death monolith Temple Of Void.

Unspeakable Axe Records from the States will handle the vinyl release which is scheduled to be out around spring time.
More infos on this kick ass collector item will be posted as soon as we have more facts.

All we can tell you is that our contribution will be the first new (!) REVEL IN FLESH track written and released since the "Emissary of all plagues" album (2016).
Furthermore it's gonna be the first release to feature our new drummer.

Here's the artwork done in co-operation with The art of badic art and Alexander from Temple Of Void.

For now we highly recommend you to check out Temple Of Void, especially when you're into bands like WINTER, old CATHEDRAL, HOODED MENACE and mighty BOLT THROWER.

Our dear comrades from War-Anthem Records will bring back the first two REVEL IN FLESH albums on CD format in a classy slipcase edition and with a bonustrack to be featured on each album

Available at Cudgel Vertrieb
Artworks by Juanjo Castellano Rosado


Here's the statement from War Anthem:


A warm Hellcome Back to these two rotten Beauties!
We are proud to anounce the re-release of the very first two Revel in Flesh full lengths albums on limited slipcase CD editions.
After being sold out for many years these manifests of swabian Old School HM-2 Death Metal cannot be missed in any good collection.
Both CDs will contain a bonustrack.

Mark the 26th of April 2019 red in your calenders!



We will play our 1st and exclusive show in the UK presented by Eradication Booking Agency!!!


Saturday / 16.03.2019


@ the Black Heart / London

feat.: Live Burial, Absolution & Repulsive Vision


Be there or cry later!


For more info check out the Facebook Event





Bäm! Brilliant news for a decent start into 2019:

We will support our buddies from DESERTED FEAR on their record release shows in Essen and Jena.
It's gonna be a deadly triple Death Metal infection along with German Death Metal squad Deny the Urge.
Absolutely thrilled to play again in NRW & Thuringia.


Facebook Event Essen


Facebook Event Jena

Two more Revel In Flesh shows to go for 2018:


01.12.2018 Winter Rituals 2018 Graz (AT)
Facebook Event


15.12.2018 X-Mas in Hell Festival Mannheim
Facebook Event



Feel free to follow REVEL IN FLESH on Instagram


Join the madness here:


Revel In Flesh Instagram Official

Am 27.10 werden REVEL IN FLESH erstmals in Augsburg spielen!!!
Wir freuen uns schon auf die sechste Auflage des The Day The Dead Walked VI - Festival, u.a. mit unseren Kollegen von Aroganz und Rotten Pope im Billing!!!

Alle weiteren Infos hier:

Facebook Event

Nach vier Jahren spielen wir am 13.10.2018 wieder auf der DEADBANGERS NIGHT in Balingen!!!

Zur Jubiläumsfeier wurde das Event sogar auf 2 Tage erweitert. Death & Thrash Metal bis die Rübe qualmt ;)
Mit dabei sind u.a. unsere Weggefährten von Casket und Disgusting Perversion.

Servants of the Deathkult:

Antreten, supporten, teilen, abfahren...BE THERE!!!

Mehr Infos hier:

Facebook Event

Don't miss this killer event!!!!




Be there or cry later!!!


For infos and tickets check the Facebook Event Page


New: REVEL IN FLESH woven bandlogo patch done in co - operation with VALUE MERCH.
Size: 14 x 8,5 cm / High quality

For more shirts, longsleeves etc. simply check & place your order here:


New Video online!!


Eines der Underground Death Metal Festival Highlights für diesen Sommer!!!

REVEL IN FLESH Live at: Masters of the Unicorn 2018
Freitag, 27. Juli / Stagetime: 21:00

Unsere Supportshow für das US Death Metal Flaggschiff CANNIBAL CORPSE rückt immer näher!!!

Alle Infos zum Gig am 26.7. in Dornbirn (AT) hier:

Facebook Event


Das 7. Conrad Sohm Kultursommer-Festival präsentiert:


Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2018
Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn
Einlass: 19 Uhr / Beginn: 20 Uhr

Tickets sind ab 03. April 2018 (10 Uhr) bei folgenden Vorverkaufsstellen erhältlich: Ländleticket (Raiffeisenbanken und Sparkassen Vorarlbergs) mit Raibaclub-Ermäßigung, Musikladen (05522/41000), V-Ticket, Öticket, Eventim, Ticketcorner, Musicticket, Bro Records und auf www.conradsohm.com

Freitag, 20.7.2018:

REVEL IN FLESH Live auf dem bereits ausverkauften Boarstream Open AiR!!!

Stagetime: 19:15


In co-operation with our dear comrades in War-Anthem Records / Cudgel Vertrieb we will aim for a release of the "Relics of the Deathkult" T - Shirt design in the middle of June 2018.

Design by Juanjo Castellano Rosado
Available sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL

Each order comes with a FREE "Relics of the Deathkult" poster + sticker.

Place your order here:   https://www.revelinflesh.com/shop/

Orders will be sent out as soon as we have our copies on stock - make sure to show some patience


Am 26. Mai werden wir im Ulmer CAT die einzige Clubshow nahe unserer "Homebase" für 2018 spielen!!!
Wir freuen uns auf viele bekannte Gesichter:
Servants of the Deathkult gather!!!


Mit dabei sind Atomwinter; Collapse Instinct und als Ersatz für Bitterness spielen Pestilent Reign.
Erwartet also ein DEATH METAL Brett des Todes!!!


Teilen, Einladen und Attacke unter:
Facebook Event


Next stop: Hannover!


This Saturday 14.04.2018 first REVEL IN FLESH Show in Hannover

Club Subkultur


Save the date & gather for some Deathkultish madness!!!


Facebook Event


The billing speaks for itself; so let's die by fuckin' ASPHYX!!!


For more infos check out the Facebook Event!


The Deathkult will ride out on another close to the edge of madness roadtrip:


16/3/2018: JENA - Dead Days Festival

Stagetime: 23:00


17/3/2018: Pilsen (Czech Republic) - Deadly STORM Festival 12

Stagetime: 22:25 - 23:10


Servants of the Deathkult:

Gather for METAL & MADNESS - be sure: WE WILL!!!



Rotten Deathkult Tour - Shirt 2018


Relics of the Deathkult  Compilation CD


Now available!!!




 Time to unveil the next "deathkultish" treasure on our path:


REVEL IN FLESH will team up with War-Anthem Records for a very special compilation entitled "Relics of the Deathkult".


The magnificent coverartwork was done by our main coverartist and long-time supporter Juanjo Castellano Rosado.
There's a concept story behind the cover, which we will reveal later on!


For now it's about enjoying the magic of the artwork and reading the facts published by the label. All the info from the label just bellow...


Servants of the Deathkult! War Anthem Records is glad to announce the upcoming release of Germany´s most notorious death metal act Revel in Flesh. With "Relics of the DeathKult" you will be able to get all their on 7"EP released songs (period between 2012-2017) on one CD. The album includes 11 songs including great cover versions of Master, Death (Official) and Headhunter D.C.! The artwork has been crafted by no one less than Juanjo Castellano Rosado. Releasedate: 16th of march 2018. Pre-Order comes soon. Limited edition CD + Slipcase!


1.Bonecrusher 2. Corpus Vermis 3. A Chant of Misery 4. Deathkult 5. Phlebotomy: Blood Dripping Healing 6. Nightrealm Ghouls: The Dead Will Walk The Earth 7. The Ending In Fire 8. Casket Ride 9. Pay To Die (Master Cover) 10. Mutilation (Death cover) 11. Deny The Light (HEADHUNTER D.C. cover)


REVEL IN FLESH will gear up for another 3 dates of Death roadtrip with our comrades in FLESHCRAWL. This time the crusade will lead us to more Northern based territories.


Maniacs join the TRIPLE FLESH TREAT 2018 !!!






22.02.2018 Hamburg Bambi Galore

23.02.2018 Rheine Hypothalamus

24.02.2018 Genk (Belgium) Colosseum


Check our LIVE section for more details and links to the facebook events!






Last but not least for a final "Death Kult Celebration" in 2017 we will conquer our homebase in Aalen!!!

09.12.2017: Aalen - ROCK IT





(killer old school death metal)



(blackened death metal)



(old school death metal)


Facebook Event







We will also share the stage on the album release show of our dear friends CASKET (Reutlingen) on the following date:

07.10.2017: Tübingen - Epplehaus



4 more shows to go in 2017:

Absolutely looking forward to play Austria for the very first time along on the road with our "flesh brothers" from mighty FLESHCRAWL!!!

Austria here we go:

29.9.2017: St. Pölten - STP Metalweekend
30.9.2017: Dornbrin - Schlachthaus

REVEL IN FLESH - Line Up changes:

Well, since already some rumours poped up earlier during this summer and a certain kind of statement was posted (that some of you already noticed), we as the remaining band decided to let the emotions settle since we don’t wanna be part of any “washing ladies” talking game!


To make a long story short:
Vögtsson (drums) decided to leave REVEL IN FLESH on his own will!!!

Let’s go back in a sort of retrospective view:
In early 2012 Maggesson and I decided to bring REVEL IN FLESH to the stage as a sort of “real” working live band.
Vögtsson was the first one who joined the rat pack. Well, the brief history of 4 full length albums, 9 Split Eps and many liveshows is known to many of you out there; but it’s always about a look behind the curtain!
The first album entiteld “Deathevokation” came out when this whole “German wave of Death Metal” thing was basicaclly starting, but REVEL IN FLESH never was (or still is) any sort of those hype, trend, media or music business pushed bands. Everything we achived thus far is more or less based on the “Do it yourself” underground principles (of course with the help of a really healthy scene! We know who you are!). It’s a journey of live & learn, doing good and doing bad decisions! Playing in such a band truely needs enthusiasm and bloody dedication! There is a lot of stuff that is not clearly visible to outsiders. I’m thinking about countless of hours of organisation works, many hours of traveling, troubles at work with vacation schedules, driving to rehearsals on long distances, having compromises on personal, relationship, family issues, many discussions on different issues etc. - the list is long and if you really wanna push a band onwards right from the basics it truely takes sacrifices! Furthermore playing in a band and also acting as a “brotherhood” is a big
“social project”, especially if you have five different freak natures on the road to madness! But like everywhere else in life characters and attitudes changes, which could be good for an evolution, but it also takes you to the point where changes are helpful for each and everyone! It’s the usual wheel of life and usual way of
mindfuck! You need to adapt to a situation or you have to leave the quest! Well, but we are truely aware of the fact that Vögtsson had his important impact on bringing REVEL IN FLESH to that level which we achieved nowadays. There is a lot of respect for his dedication and of course a big thanx for walking this path of madness with us. To all outsiders: Being a part of the Deathkult is nothing for the weak minded!!! A lot of crazy shit worth to remember in a positive way happened on this journey, so we truely stick to those memories and keep those in mind first! Furthermore we wanna sent a massive Thanx as well to Bettina for being a utterly important member of the REVEL IN FLESH roadcrew. A truely trustful hand in a horde of chaos!!!

Shortly said: We wish Vögtsson all the best on all personal and musical upcoming issues!!!
Get what you deserve: S..... V... ;)


Finally coming straight to the point about future issues:


All shows being booked for 2017 will happen in the way we arranged it!!!

At the current stage we are rehearsing with a session drummer and we are working on a permanent drummer solution. More news will be unveiled soon!!!

We are still hungy & thrilled to kill:


Haubersson & REVEL IN FLESH / September 2017

With whom will we hook up at this years SUMMER BREEZE?

It's gonna be the 3rd time that we will deliver our deadly old schoolish DEATH METAL in Dinkelsbühl!
"Servants of the deathkult", grab your sunglasses and make sure to show support to us at SUMMER BREEZE!!!


Thursday, 17.08.2017

Camel Stage

Stage Time: 00:30-01:00


Be there or cry later!!!!

 We will team up with our brothers in FLESHCRAWL for a decent roadtrip "under the banner of flesh", so to say ;)

According to our tourshirts some may noticed that we had to skip the show in France. Shortly said, there were some difficulties with the booking schedule, BUT (!!!) we think there's no need to cry since we managed to come up with another kick ass "East German" indoor date.
On 31/8 we will play Leipzig again after 2 years!!!
We're absolutely looking forward to play 4ROOMS again and meet as many supporters as possible from the Eastern front!!!

Here's the complete list of dates and the tour flyer:

31.08.2017: Leipzig - 4Rooms
01.09.2017: Siegen - Vortex Surfer Musikclub
02.09.2017: Schoonebeek (Netherlands) - Deathfest
03.09.2017: Genk (Belgium) - Flashback Liveclub
29.09.2017: St. Pölten (Austria) - STP Metalweekend Freiraum
30.09.2017: Dornbirn (Austria) - Schlachthaus

If you call yourself a DEATH METAL fan then make sure to raise the banners and ride out for those shows!!!

As some of you already noticed this month we have a new piece of vinyl coming up:
It's gonna be the 9th split 7"EP in the history of REVEL IN FLESH.
We joined the coven with UNDER THE CHURCH from Sweden. Expect nothing more than an utterly brutal old school Death Metal HM2 gang bang!!!
Our Swedish crime partners come up with a cover from mighty RAZOR and ourselves supply you with an excavated cover of Brazil's HEADHUNTER D.C.!!!
Previously our tune was only accessible on a tribute album to HEADHUNTER D.C. on Brazil's territory.

It's a joint venture release between PULVERISED Records (Singapore) and CUDGEL (Germany).

The vinyl is limited to 500 copies:
100 RED vinyl (Only available at CUDGEL)
100 GREY vinyl (Only avaiable from the bands directly!)
100 BRONZE (Available through PULVERISED)
200 BLACK (Available through PULVERISED)

We keep you updated as soon as we have our copies on stock!!!
Collector hearts prepare for the hunt ;)

In the meanwhile enjoy the magnificent artwork done by our dearest Mattias Frisk

On 15th of July REVEL IN FLESH will perform at the stunning BADEN IN BLUT Festival in Weil am Rhein (nearby Basel).

Our show will be an early slot from 12:50 - 01:25 PM.  We will also do a signing session at 02.20 PM.


Shortly said: Be there & HAIL THE DEATHKULT!!!

More infos on BADEN IN BLUT Festival here:


22. bis 24. Juni:  SUMMER TRIPLE ROADKILL Minitour:

REVEL IN FLESH und FACEBREAKER zusammen auf drei exklusiven Deutschland Konzerten:

22. Juni: Göttingen - Freihafen

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1482782131756422/

ACHTUNG: Early Bird Konzert: Start: 20:00 / Ende: 22:00

23. Juni: Erfurt - Club From Hell
(Einzige REVEL IN FLESH Ost Clubshow in 2017)

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/337658616630795

24. Juni: PROTZEN Festival (bereits ausverkauft)


In dem Sinne Ärsche hoch & HAIL THE DEATHKULT!!!


New REVEL IN FLESH Tour Shirt and Girlie Shirt available now!



Am 9. Juni werden wir nach 2 Jahren endlich wieder in Nürnberg spielen!
Für den Abend gibt es ein absolutes "Kick ass underground Death Metal" Billing mit: REVEL IN FLESH, REPUKED (Schweden), CRYPTIC BROOD und INTO COFFIN!!!
Death Metal Maniacs: Fett im Kalender eintragen...it's gonna be BRUTAL!!!


Check out our "live" section for more info!

München!!! Es gibt im Mai nochmals eine ordentliche Dosis DEATHKULT im Backstage!!!
Wir werden GOD DETHRONED auf Ihrer exklusiven Süddeutschland Release Show supporten. Mit dabei sind auch VISONARY666 und COMMANDER!!!
Knaller Package & für Death Metal Freaks aus der Ecke eine absolute Pflichtnummer...sichert Euch ein Ticket!
In dem Sinne: Servants of the Deathkult - GATHER!!!


Check the "Live" section for more infos!

Collector Maniacs beware:

Exclusive "Death Kult Legions" old school tape version OUT NOW on MORBID SKULL Records!!!

The facts:
- Limited to 200 copies: 100 x white tape; 100 x black tape
- New & exclusive layout based on all artwork done by glorious BADIC ARTS during the cycle of our 3rd album
- Hand numbered copies!!!
- Each copy comes with an exclusive "Death kult legions" patch
- The tapeversion features the vinyl mastering of the album done by Dan Swanö @ UNISOUND Studios back in 2014

We do not have any copies of the tapeversion left!!!

In case of interest show your support directly to MORBID SKULL Records.



Please check here:

Black tape + Patch:


White tape + Patch:


Finally we wanna thank Jorge & MORBID SKULL Records for all the "die hard" support on the realization of this project!!!

Brand new HOODED ZIPPER "Servants Of The Deathkult"

Pre - Order Now 


REVEL IN FLESH sind bestätigt für BADEN IN BLUT Festival 2017!!! 
In diesem Sinne: Join us in bloodbath!!!


Mehr Infos hier: LIVE

Für den Kalender:

Eine der wenigen Shows, welche wir 2017 in Baden Württemberg spielen werden findet am 22.4.2017 auf dem Festival des HMC BEER BÄNGERS zusammen mit MEDIEVAL STEEL, WITCHBURNER u.v.a. anderen statt!!!
Cooles abwechslungsreiches Package & absolut kultiger HMC Clubname: Bier & Headbanging, da kann nix schief gehen!!!

Vormerken & Supporten!!!!

Check the "Live" section for more info!


As it seems 2017 will keep the plague rolling:

As a little preview for your calendar:

In late August/early September we will leave off for a most likely 4 dates roadtrip with our (flesh) brothers from mighty German FLESHCRAWL!!! Yes, it's gonna be ugly...


So far confirmed:

1. September 2017: Siegen - Vortex Surfer Club

2. September 2017: Schoonebeek (NL) - DEATHFEST


For detailed infos please check our "Live" section!!!

By the way both events do ticket pre - sales and this is really a good way to support the organizers in advance!!!

Other dates will follow soon!!!


BEWARE: Tomorrow, 10th of February we will unveil a brandnew REVEL IN FLESH videoclip!

We already spoke about it in some of the interviews around the new album and it took us longer than expected to realize this project, but sometimes it takes a while to create good (and freaky) things as we use to say in Germany!
Our dear friend Rune Foss of mighty Swedish PUTEREAEON was obsessed enought to help us out with a nice edit and concept for this clip! Thanx mate!!!

To stimulate your darkest fantasy here are already some screenshots from the videoclip!!!
Stay tuned until tomorrow when we open the gates to the sphere's of death for a deadly ****** ride


Check Youtube or our Gallery


Here're some screenshots:

The madness continues: REVEL IN FLESH are confirmed for this years DARK EASTER METAL MEETING in Munich on 16th of April 2017.
The festival billing looks insane with MAYHEM ("De mysteriis Doom Sathanas" Special Show), MARDUK, ASPHYX, AHAB & many more....but most of all it's about the FLESH, the MADNESS and AUGUSTINER HELLl!!!
Make sure to get your ticket soon!!!


Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2017 Teaser Trailer

NOW available: TORTURE THRONE T - Shirt Design

Artwork by BADIC ART
Available sizes:  XXL, XL, L, M, S

Get your copy at our upcoming shows or directly from us here!!!

For more infos check our shop!

Take a listen to the live chat interview done with our youngsters Herrmannsgard and Gøtzberg for METAL MESSIAH RADIO show!!!

Join the Vampire's Bloodshed show & Hail the Deathkult!!!



Our long - time supporter Mark Riddick just released a new book about his arts entitled "Morbid Visions" (Hail to old Sepultura by the way!) on Doomentia Press!!!
Over 400 pages of deadly, morbid and sickening ways to give our beloved Death Metal a visual face.
Also featured are the arts that were done by Mark for the REVEL IN FLESH/GRAVE WAX split EP (2014) and the "Nightrealm Ghoul" shirt design, which we've released around middle of 2015. Proud to be a part of those brutal galleries of hand drawn underground Death Metal madness!!!

For more infos & impressions check the video trailer here: Youtube

Am 4. Februar 2017 werden REVEL IN FLESH nach bald 2 Jahren endlich wieder in NRW, genauer gesagt in Gronau auf dem MONSTER METAL Festival spielen!



Let's bring the "Emissary of all plagues" live on stage!!!

On 3rd of February 2017 we will play our VERY FIRST show in HOLLAND (!!!) along with old skool Deathers ROTTEN CASKET and Grinders CAEDERE.

City: Arnhem / Target: Club Willemeen
Let's make this one a momrable and deathkultish night!!!!




Finally our now webtomb is online! Enjoy the  (casket) ride!!! Also check out our new online shop!!!

2016 is slowly taking its terminal breath and without doubt this year was a really special one on the trail of REVEL IN FLESH.
Above all we simply wanna say a massive THANK YOU to each and everyone who contributed to the overwhelming success of our 4th album “Emissary of all plagues”.
This album has been a huge challenge for us and I think we can say that we are still “flashed” by the enormous response that we’ve got from all over the Metal world.
Time to raise the chalice with a deadly cheerz, party hard and have a nice rush into 2017!!!