With whom will we hook up at this years SUMMER BREEZE?

It's gonna be the 3rd time that we will deliver our deadly old schoolish DEATH METAL in Dinkelsbühl!
"Servants of the deathkult", grab your sunglasses and make sure to show support to us at SUMMER BREEZE!!!


Thursday, 17.08.2017

Camel Stage

Stage Time: 00:30-01:00


Be there or cry later!!!!

 We will team up with our brothers in FLESHCRAWL for a decent roadtrip "under the banner of flesh", so to say ;)

According to our tourshirts some may noticed that we had to skip the show in France. Shortly said, there were some difficulties with the booking schedule, BUT (!!!) we think there's no need to cry since we managed to come up with another kick ass "East German" indoor date.
On 31/8 we will play Leipzig again after 2 years!!!
We're absolutely looking forward to play 4ROOMS again and meet as many supporters as possible from the Eastern front!!!

Here's the complete list of dates and the tour flyer:

31.08.2017: Leipzig - 4Rooms
01.09.2017: Siegen - Vortex Surfer Musikclub
02.09.2017: Schoonebeek (Netherlands) - Deathfest
03.09.2017: Genk (Belgium) - Flashback Liveclub
29.09.2017: St. Pölten (Austria) - STP Metalweekend Freiraum
30.09.2017: Dornbirn (Austria) - Schlachthaus

If you call yourself a DEATH METAL fan then make sure to raise the banners and ride out for those shows!!!

As some of you already noticed this month we have a new piece of vinyl coming up:
It's gonna be the 9th split 7"EP in the history of REVEL IN FLESH.
We joined the coven with UNDER THE CHURCH from Sweden. Expect nothing more than an utterly brutal old school Death Metal HM2 gang bang!!!
Our Swedish crime partners come up with a cover from mighty RAZOR and ourselves supply you with an excavated cover of Brazil's HEADHUNTER D.C.!!!
Previously our tune was only accessible on a tribute album to HEADHUNTER D.C. on Brazil's territory.

It's a joint venture release between PULVERISED Records (Singapore) and CUDGEL (Germany).

The vinyl is limited to 500 copies:
100 RED vinyl (Only available at CUDGEL)
100 GREY vinyl (Only avaiable from the bands directly!)
100 BRONZE (Available through PULVERISED)
200 BLACK (Available through PULVERISED)

We keep you updated as soon as we have our copies on stock!!!
Collector hearts prepare for the hunt ;)

In the meanwhile enjoy the magnificent artwork done by our dearest Mattias Frisk

On 15th of July REVEL IN FLESH will perform at the stunning BADEN IN BLUT Festival in Weil am Rhein (nearby Basel).

Our show will be an early slot from 12:50 - 01:25 PM.  We will also do a signing session at 02.20 PM.


Shortly said: Be there & HAIL THE DEATHKULT!!!

More infos on BADEN IN BLUT Festival here:


22. bis 24. Juni:  SUMMER TRIPLE ROADKILL Minitour:

REVEL IN FLESH und FACEBREAKER zusammen auf drei exklusiven Deutschland Konzerten:

22. Juni: Göttingen - Freihafen

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1482782131756422/

ACHTUNG: Early Bird Konzert: Start: 20:00 / Ende: 22:00

23. Juni: Erfurt - Club From Hell
(Einzige REVEL IN FLESH Ost Clubshow in 2017)

Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/337658616630795

24. Juni: PROTZEN Festival (bereits ausverkauft)


In dem Sinne Ärsche hoch & HAIL THE DEATHKULT!!!


New REVEL IN FLESH Tour Shirt and Girlie Shirt available now!



Am 9. Juni werden wir nach 2 Jahren endlich wieder in Nürnberg spielen!
Für den Abend gibt es ein absolutes "Kick ass underground Death Metal" Billing mit: REVEL IN FLESH, REPUKED (Schweden), CRYPTIC BROOD und INTO COFFIN!!!
Death Metal Maniacs: Fett im Kalender eintragen...it's gonna be BRUTAL!!!


Check out our "live" section for more info!

München!!! Es gibt im Mai nochmals eine ordentliche Dosis DEATHKULT im Backstage!!!
Wir werden GOD DETHRONED auf Ihrer exklusiven Süddeutschland Release Show supporten. Mit dabei sind auch VISONARY666 und COMMANDER!!!
Knaller Package & für Death Metal Freaks aus der Ecke eine absolute Pflichtnummer...sichert Euch ein Ticket!
In dem Sinne: Servants of the Deathkult - GATHER!!!


Check the "Live" section for more infos!

Collector Maniacs beware:

Exclusive "Death Kult Legions" old school tape version OUT NOW on MORBID SKULL Records!!!

The facts:
- Limited to 200 copies: 100 x white tape; 100 x black tape
- New & exclusive layout based on all artwork done by glorious BADIC ARTS during the cycle of our 3rd album
- Hand numbered copies!!!
- Each copy comes with an exclusive "Death kult legions" patch
- The tapeversion features the vinyl mastering of the album done by Dan Swanö @ UNISOUND Studios back in 2014

We do not have any copies of the tapeversion left!!!

In case of interest show your support directly to MORBID SKULL Records.



Please check here:

Black tape + Patch:


White tape + Patch:


Finally we wanna thank Jorge & MORBID SKULL Records for all the "die hard" support on the realization of this project!!!

Brand new HOODED ZIPPER "Servants Of The Deathkult"

Pre - Order Now 


REVEL IN FLESH sind bestätigt für BADEN IN BLUT Festival 2017!!! 
In diesem Sinne: Join us in bloodbath!!!


Mehr Infos hier: LIVE

Für den Kalender:

Eine der wenigen Shows, welche wir 2017 in Baden Württemberg spielen werden findet am 22.4.2017 auf dem Festival des HMC BEER BÄNGERS zusammen mit MEDIEVAL STEEL, WITCHBURNER u.v.a. anderen statt!!!
Cooles abwechslungsreiches Package & absolut kultiger HMC Clubname: Bier & Headbanging, da kann nix schief gehen!!!

Vormerken & Supporten!!!!

Check the "Live" section for more info!


As it seems 2017 will keep the plague rolling:

As a little preview for your calendar:

In late August/early September we will leave off for a most likely 4 dates roadtrip with our (flesh) brothers from mighty German FLESHCRAWL!!! Yes, it's gonna be ugly...


So far confirmed:

1. September 2017: Siegen - Vortex Surfer Club

2. September 2017: Schoonebeek (NL) - DEATHFEST


For detailed infos please check our "Live" section!!!

By the way both events do ticket pre - sales and this is really a good way to support the organizers in advance!!!

Other dates will follow soon!!!


BEWARE: Tomorrow, 10th of February we will unveil a brandnew REVEL IN FLESH videoclip!

We already spoke about it in some of the interviews around the new album and it took us longer than expected to realize this project, but sometimes it takes a while to create good (and freaky) things as we use to say in Germany!
Our dear friend Rune Foss of mighty Swedish PUTEREAEON was obsessed enought to help us out with a nice edit and concept for this clip! Thanx mate!!!

To stimulate your darkest fantasy here are already some screenshots from the videoclip!!!
Stay tuned until tomorrow when we open the gates to the sphere's of death for a deadly ****** ride


Check Youtube or our Gallery


Here're some screenshots:

The madness continues: REVEL IN FLESH are confirmed for this years DARK EASTER METAL MEETING in Munich on 16th of April 2017.
The festival billing looks insane with MAYHEM ("De mysteriis Doom Sathanas" Special Show), MARDUK, ASPHYX, AHAB & many more....but most of all it's about the FLESH, the MADNESS and AUGUSTINER HELLl!!!
Make sure to get your ticket soon!!!


Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2017 Teaser Trailer

NOW available: TORTURE THRONE T - Shirt Design

Artwork by BADIC ART
Available sizes:  XXL, XL, L, M, S

Get your copy at our upcoming shows or directly from us here!!!

For more infos check our shop!

Take a listen to the live chat interview done with our youngsters Herrmannsgard and Gøtzberg for METAL MESSIAH RADIO show!!!

Join the Vampire's Bloodshed show & Hail the Deathkult!!!



Our long - time supporter Mark Riddick just released a new book about his arts entitled "Morbid Visions" (Hail to old Sepultura by the way!) on Doomentia Press!!!
Over 400 pages of deadly, morbid and sickening ways to give our beloved Death Metal a visual face.
Also featured are the arts that were done by Mark for the REVEL IN FLESH/GRAVE WAX split EP (2014) and the "Nightrealm Ghoul" shirt design, which we've released around middle of 2015. Proud to be a part of those brutal galleries of hand drawn underground Death Metal madness!!!

For more infos & impressions check the video trailer here: Youtube

Am 4. Februar 2017 werden REVEL IN FLESH nach bald 2 Jahren endlich wieder in NRW, genauer gesagt in Gronau auf dem MONSTER METAL Festival spielen!



Let's bring the "Emissary of all plagues" live on stage!!!

On 3rd of February 2017 we will play our VERY FIRST show in HOLLAND (!!!) along with old skool Deathers ROTTEN CASKET and Grinders CAEDERE.

City: Arnhem / Target: Club Willemeen
Let's make this one a momrable and deathkultish night!!!!




Finally our now webtomb is online! Enjoy the  (casket) ride!!! Also check out our new online shop!!!

2016 is slowly taking its terminal breath and without doubt this year was a really special one on the trail of REVEL IN FLESH.
Above all we simply wanna say a massive THANK YOU to each and everyone who contributed to the overwhelming success of our 4th album “Emissary of all plagues”.
This album has been a huge challenge for us and I think we can say that we are still “flashed” by the enormous response that we’ve got from all over the Metal world.
Time to raise the chalice with a deadly cheerz, party hard and have a nice rush into 2017!!!